Use of cookies

When visiting the Rukka website, cookies are saved on your device. Cookies are used to measure and monitor the use of the website and they help L-Fashion Group to improve the customer friendliness of its services and offer more specific product recommendations to the user. Personal data is not saved in cookies. 

A third party also can incorporate cookies on this website with L-Fashion Group’s permission. These third parties include Facebook and Google, for example. The third party will either deliver information to the service provider or offer services and a tailored experience directly to the user.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file the server saves on the user’s hard drive. With cookies, it’s possible to analyze how the website is being used and thus make the experience even better. Cookies are used in situations where the data is wanted to be saved while users browse from one site to another. The collected data is sent from the browser to the network server and it includes information about user settings, log-ins and the use of the website. 

With cookies it is possible to monitor the following data:

  • user's IP address
  • time of the day
  • pages visited
  • time spent on the website
  • browser type
  • web address the user has come from
  • the server from which the user has arrived to the website
  • the URL from which the user has arrived to the website

Cookies are used by almost every website. The user’s browser probably accepts cookies as a default setting, but, if needed, the user can block the use of cookies in the browser settings or can remove cookies from their browser after using the site. To function properly, the webstore services may require the user to accept cookies.

By using the service, you accept cookies to be saved on your devices.

How can I reject cookies?

If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can either reject all cookies, delete them from your device or receive notification before cookies are saved. 

We recommend that you carefully read the practices on cookies before changing the cookie settings on your computer. Changing the cookie settings may diminish the experience on this website and on other sites. 

Please note: if you don’t accept cookies, some of the functions on the website may not be available.